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Like an old 4-legged Friend, Massage is the Gift...that Keeps on Giving

ARF! Massage offers at home or in-hospital massage, basic rehabilitation and photobiomodulation (low level laser therapy). I can help animals recover from an injury, heal more comfortably after an orthopedic procedure or ease the discomfort of arthritis as they become older.Massage contributes to healing by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, mobilizing joints and awakening tissue by increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients available to cells. In conjunction with massage, I utilize a low level power laser. It is a light therapy using lasers or LEDs to improve tissue repair, reduce pain and inflammation wherever the beam is applied. It boosts growth and recovery of cellular energy and thus promotes cellular regeneration, production of collagen for tissue repair, vascular dilation and synthesis for better circulation, to increase the healing process.There are countless benefits to treating animals with a balanced approach of Eastern and Western medicine. Today, pet owners look for alternative therapies to complement veterinary treatments. Laser is used by professional and Olympic level athletes.People often tell me they have never heard of massage and rehabilitation for animals and ask why I do this work. I simply want to give back to those skilled, trained, and intuitive companions that give unconditional love and protection to us.

Mission, Vision and Values

My Mission is to comfort our companion animals from the discomfort of becoming elderly, from a surgical intervention or being a weekend warrior.The Vision I have is to combine the use of Eastern and Western medicine to benefit our companions.It's Value is to teach the caregiver massage techniques to increase healing and to strengthen their bond.
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