Veterinary Cannabis

As a certified Veterinary Cannabis Counselor, I have the training and knowledge to provide your pet with the best possible cannabis care. In a new and constantly evolving field such as this, I have taken steps to ensure I can offer this cutting-edge service to my patients.

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Pain Relief Through Light and Touch

Pain relief is notably enhanced when treatment is a combination of Massage and Laser Therapy.

  • Beneficial post-operative orthopedic massage and basic rehabilitation
  • Disperse lactic acid to strengthen muscles and tendons
  • Client education, exercises tailored to your companion
  • Home or clinic visits for convenience

The benefit of touch, administered by massage, has long been recognized as a successful method attributed to healing. Massage contributes to healing by increasing circulation, relaxing muscles, mobilizing joints and awakening tissue.

Photobiomodulation (Low Level Laser therapy)
I administer FDA approved light energy stimulation via light-emitting diodes (Laser therapy). Laser therapies promote pain management and is painlessly applied to specific areas, decreasing the time for healing wounds. This therapy stimulates the body’s own ability to create nitric oxide, and encourages the activity of certain cell components to provide an effective alternative to pain relief. Laser therapies have no known side effects.


  • Service Companions Only – 20% off all Treatments
  • Combination Massage, basic rehabilitation and Laser treatment: $100
    My session can last 90 mins to 120 mins depending on the animal.
  • Individual Massage Session: $80
  • Individual Laser Therapy treatment: $55
  • Group prepaid sessions:
    3 sessions = 10% discount
    6 sessions = 15% discount
  • Veterinary Cannabis Counselor consultation fee is $120

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Additional Services

I offer additional services such as administering medications, giving subcutaneous fluids and trimming nails. Occasionally, I offer pet sitting.