Rhonda is amazing! We have senior Great Danes who have started slowing down with hip issues. Rhonda took time to let the dogs get to know her. Now they love her. After her sessions, they are bouncy and so much better. I highly recommend Rhonda.
– K.M.

My pup and I have been together for 12 years living a very active life. As she’s aged she has some injuries that are now catching up to her and I’ve been in search of a practioner who understands the multifaceted systems that make up how living beings function. Rhonda is the first that I’ve found with a speciality in dogs who understands and practices across traditional vet tech, energy, and musculoskeletal work. She is gentle and kind and incredibly knowledgeable. I’ve never seen Twiggs (my pup) take to another human that quickly and a trust was established almost as soon as Rhonda walked through the door. It still amazes me how quickly that happened. Twiggs, who is normally very suspicious, warmed up very quickly and by our second session, was leaning into Rhonda happily. After our sessions I notice a significant difference in her(Twiggs’) comfort and movement and plan to keep making regular appointments with Rhonda moving forward. She is so good!! 5/5 highly recommend!
– Anna B.

Before we met Rhonda, Monster had recently been diagnosed with arthritis in his back and in his hind legs. I didn’t want to traumatize him (and me) by taking him to the vet multiple times a week to get laser therapy. I found Rhonda and she began coming to our home to do treatments on him right away.

What a huge difference she has made in his life! After just a few sessions his stiffness had reduced and he was much happier than he had been.

Months later we’re now doing maintenance treatments with the laser, and he’s pretty much back to his younger self – able to jump to high places and chase his cat buddy around! I’m so thankful we found Rhonda!

Her extensive knowledge of CBD treatments was also appreciated because we’ve now incorporated that into his daily life and he’s doing great! He’s a very picky eater, and it was a tough road finding a formula he would consistently eat. Rhonda was so patient with him and had lots of tips on getting him to take his meds. I credit Rhonda to his recovery and happiness!
– Sally M.


Rhonda is very reasonably priced and was willing to come out to our home, which is a huge benefit to us since Kami is hard to get around. She still walks, but only with a front and rear harness and our help. Her back legs barely work. Rhonda quickly established a positive rapport with Kami and spends as much time as necessary on her massages and laser therapy. She has a wealth of knowledge and has been extremely helpful and informational with other therapies we could try, alternative options, websites to provide us information, and different vets and vet practices we could give a try. She has also provided me with information about schools and career options, as I am planning to start school for a second career.

I love having Rhonda over. She is sweet and easy to talk to. She has great concern for the animals that she takes care of and you can tell this is not just a job for her, but a passion. Kami has only been seeing Rhonda for about two months, but she is having more good days than bad days. Rhonda has helped Kami with her limping and reflexes. She has shown me exercises that I should do with Kami and given me information on massaging techniques. She has even gone above and beyond her job description by cleaning out my dog’s ears and looking at and explaining Kami’s imaging. I would highly recommend Rhonda without hesitation.

– Sherry P.

Rhonda started massaging my 13 year old dog Maya about a year ago when she was struggling to walk as she has bad hips. What an amazing difference the massage and laser therapy has made in Maya. Rhonda also helped me learn the proper way to massage and provide relief for Maya myself. She also help me understand the medications I was giving her and answered my questions on other alternative therapy. Rhonda has very healing hands and Maya looks forward to her visits every month. Rhonda is a very kind and compassionate person and her love of animals is evident in the work she does every day.

– Bessy B.

I would like to commend the work of Rhonda Matsuno in providing care for my German Shepherd Dog and Service Dog, Arkeo, both post-surgical and in continued wellness care. Arkeo is a working service dog and her ability to recover quickly and continue to work as she ages is very important. With the massage and laser protocols accomplished by Ms. Matsuno, she wouldn’t have been able to do either. Rhonda began her care after her second knee surgery and she recovered much quicker than from her first. The continued care has appeared to lessen Arkeo’s pain and made her gait more fluid. She is now 7 years old and I anticipate her being able to continue her work. Highly recommended.

– Kathy H.

At the age of 4, Rifle had spinal surgery. At 7, he sudden began limping. Rifle had undergone 6 months of physical therapy with Rhonda, and learned how to walk and control his bowels again. We were so excited when he took his first steps and never wanted him to endure this again. Rifle met with Rhonda and he instantly fell in love with her, as did his sister, Summit. The laser treatment and massage therapy have allowed Rifle better mobility and muscle memory. He has less episodes of crossing his hind legs and falling over while playing. He is much more playful with his sister, who is quite rough with him. Rifle allows Rhonda to do the work necessary to make him feel better and is always excited to see her. She has an amazing ability and Rifle is doing so well through her treatments. We will continue a regimen, as the benefit has been so rewarding for Rifle and us to see him running and playing!
– Susan M.

My dog, Shanti, was severely injured by a car, and had FHO performed, removing the head of her femur.

Shanti’s healing process was very slow, and seemed to plateau after about 6 months. She was still experiencing PTSD, severe atrophy and immobility.

Immediately after Rhonda Matsuno’s first treatment, Shanti was ravenously hungry and thirsty. The next day, and from there forward, her leg continued to gain strength, improve mobility and is almost completely healed today. It’s remarkable that Shanti is no longer traumatized and scared. Rhonda’s caring touch helped her to trust people again and eliminate fear.
Rhonda’s excellent knowledge, healing skills and gentle finesse with animals creates trust and effective healing.

I highly recommend Rhonda Matsuno to competently work with animals for therapy and rehabilitation.
– Jordan N.

Reason required spine surgery at the age of 2 due to a disk herniation. After surgery, he developed a great deal of scar tissue under his skin all along his incision site. This was impacting his mobility and likely contributing to his tendency to ‘tweak’ his back for the two years. I learned about Rhonda through my vet, and decided to give her a shot. Over the next few months, I watched Reason’s comfort and mobility improve consistently! He went from being a little ‘unsure’ about massage and needing a little ‘coaching’ to stay still, to pacing and whining with glee when Rhonda arrived at the door! It’s like he couldn’t wait for her to get started and doesn’t want her to stop. His scar tissue and his tendency to ‘tweak’ his back is GONE! His quality life is back and he is happy and pain free! In addition to the amazing healing effect she has had on Reason, I have always appreciated the insight she has offered about his muscle mass, range of motion and overall wellness. I am so grateful!
– Laura C.

Our 6 year old Manx-mix, Baby, was showing signs of chronic upper respiratory distress for over a year. Baby is a very high energy cat with anxiety, and all of her running around was only making matters worse. She was treated by the vet with antibiotics and then for asthma but wasn’t improving, so we enlisted help from Rhonda. Rhonda’s gentle touch helped calm Baby and slow her breathing to a safe pace. Rhonda’s application of cold laser therapy seems to have created a long term reduction of inflammation in Baby’s airway so that she no longer has scary asthma-type attacks. It has been 5 months since our last treatment, and Baby hasn’t once struggled to catch her breath. Now that we know how to apply some of Rhonda’s massage techniques at home, we can also keep Baby calm and keep her breathing from reaching too high an intensity. We are very grateful to Rhonda for her treatment and teachings.
– Nami T.

Rhonda Matsuno worked on my dog Ernie after he had to undergo a Triple Pelvic Osteotomy at the age of 6 months/ The surgery was quite a large undertaking, and left Ernie virtually immobile for several weeks and in a greatly weakened state.

Over the course of 24 sessions involving massage therapy and laser treatments provided by Rhonda, Ernie’s legs and hips grew stronger much more rapidly than anticipated, returning him to full range of motion and helping him develop strength and flexibility in the areas affected by his surgery.

Rhonda also recommended a course of rehabilitation exercise for Ernie, and showed me how to work with him to make the exercise most effective for his treatment and recovery.

Rhonda has a rare combination of empathy and skill; she had a tremendously positive impact on my puppy’s healing process after his surgery, not only physically but also helping me and the puppy bond on a deeper level. I highly recommend her to anyone with a pet undergoing any kind of physical therapy.

– Dan J.

Rhonda is amazing. Maddy had a torn ACL which required surgery that would leave her with a cone on her head for about 2.5 weeks. Maddy is a bit skittish so I anticipated this time would be super stressful for her. Rhonda came in the day after the surgery with more patience than any one should have and worked magic on Maddy’s attitude and leg. After Rhonda’s massage and laser Maddy was relaxed and putting weight on it the same day. Additionally, Rhonda come back twice more to do the same and even spent time removing and re-bandaging Maddy’s leg! I would recommend her services to anyone!
– Melissa P.

Rhonda came to our house after our dog, Cassie, had knee surgery on both of her knees. She would not walk. After one treatment with Rhonda she was walking. Rhonda was able to really bond with Cassie on the first treatment. When Rhonda came back for a second treatment, Cassie was comfortable with her and really became relaxed. She was able to walk a lot more after the second treatment and the surgical area was healing really fast (not red or swollen). Rhonda taught us how to work with Cassie. We only did three treatments over one week and Cassie healed so nicely. The treatments helped with pain control, healed her surgical sight, and helped provide Cassie with full range of motion back in her knees. I would completely recommend Rhonda. She is an amazing therapist and really knows how to work with animals. She is extremely knowledgeable, very patient, kind, and caring.
– Jen S.

Our aging dog Pearl was slowly losing control of her back legs and had trouble going up and down steps. Rhonda came three times a week for two weeks and then twice more. It was interesting to see how Pearl’s response to her changed over time–from resisting the massage to eventually accepting more and more of Rhonda’s manipulations. After each treatment, Pearl was eager for a walk and moved more quickly than usual. She also took the steps better. Over time she will lose the battle of old age, but I think Rhonda’s massages have helped improve her quality of life. Rhonda also gave me valuable help with questions to ask the vet. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhonda Matsuno for your pet.
– Evelyn M.

Lassie was diagnosed with a vestibular disease, a disease mostly effecting elderly animals. This disease impaired the nerves in the brain that controls balance, all efforts by the animal to get up are in vain. There is no remedy to facilitate nerve path correction – only anti-nausea medication. Rhonda administered ongoing massage and LED treatments. Lassie’s growing affection and recognition of Rhonda was evidenced as she began to improve, and associate Rhonda with loving care and feel-good therapies that would soon contribute toward nurturing her back on her feet. We were thrilled when Lassie walked out of the hospital. We continue to have Rhonda administer massage and light therapies. We are committed to the quality of life for our animals – including their ability to be self-mobile. Now it appears Lassie actually anticipates Rhonda’s visits. She loves to walk and greet Rhonda at our front door!
– Rebecca L. and DeeDee L.